Meeting and Study Rooms:

The Dale Branch has two study rooms and three meeting rooms.

The Chrisney Branch has one study room available.


All meeting rooms require reservations. 

All study rooms are first come first serve.

Meeting Room Policy:

1. The use of library meeting rooms will be granted free of charge to community groups of an educational, cultural, charitable or civic nature. This includes public forums held by responsible civic organizations for the purpose of presenting to the public all sides of an issue.


2. The use of library meeting rooms by political, partisan, commercial, religious or social groups may be permitted with a fee. The library Board of Trustees and/or the library director will, at their sole discretion, grant permission on an individual basis.


3. One or more adults must supervise children and young adult groups who use the meeting rooms.


4. Application for meeting room use must be made through the library director.


5. Meeting rooms may not be used at times the library is not open unless the library director or a board member

is willing to open and/or close the library.


6. An advance notice of 24 hours must be given to the library in the event that a scheduled meeting is cancelled.


7. The Library Board of Trustees and staff meetings/programs will be given priority in scheduling meetings.


8. The following rules apply to all meetings: No alcoholic beverages or smoking allowed on library premises.


9. All groups or individuals using the library facilities will be charged a deposit of $50, payable before the meeting commences.


10. Each organization assumes full responsibility for any damages incurred during use of the facility.  Abuse of the facilities will result in forfeiture of the deposit and future use of the facilities.


11. The library assumes no responsibility for hats, coats or other personal belongings of those attending meetings;

neither does it guarantee parking for those attending.


12. No provision can be made for storage of equipment by regular users of meeting rooms.


13. If the kitchen facilities are used, the kitchen must be cleaned and electrical appliances unplugged after use.


14. The meeting rooms and the kitchen must be left in good order. All groups must remove their trash from the library premises. Failure will result in forfeiture of deposit.


15. Granting the use of meeting rooms does not imply approval by the LHPL of the group, the meeting or ideas presented at the meeting.


16. Meeting fee schedule. -$10 per hour up to $100 per day ($10 minimum)-$35 minimum for use of kitchen-$45 minimum for use of kitchen and meeting room-$10 locking or unlocking library outside of regular business hours.