TEENTOBER Reading Challenge

October 1st-31st

Ages: 6th-12th  Grade

Teentober Reading Challenge on Beanstack

All teens are asked to read one chapter book and write a review for that book and post it on the Beanstack app.  Each teen who completes this challenge will earn a prize at the end of the month.


TEENTOBER Library Meme Challenge

October 1st-16th

Ages: 6th-12th Grade

All teens are asked to make their own library meme and send it to Ms. Abby.  She will then post them all on facebook and the one with the most votes at the end of the month will earn a prize!


TEENTOBER Halloween “Selfie” Scavenger Hunt

October 17th-31st

Ages: 6th-12th grade

All teens will be sent a list of Halloween “things” that they need to

take a selfie with and send them to Ms. Abby.  The teen with the 

most correct selfies will win an awesome prize at the end of the month!