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*American Girl  Read books online FREE

*Breakout EDU LIVE

  1. Breakout EDU LIVE is free for anyone to tune in and play

  2. To play go to at 11am PT/ 2pm ET

  3. There is no login required

  4. If a student wins the game they will be prompted to complete a form.

  5. Winners will be emailed on Sunday along with next weeks topics and prizes.

  6. Each game starts with a 2-4th grade level question and slowly works it way up. Parents are encouraged to play along.

*EBSCO  has provided a free upgrade to the following resources:


by Renaissance has opened their base collection of over 6,400 eBooks to all young Hoosier readers through June 30, 2020.
Login page:
School Name: Read at Home
Username: readnow
Password: myon
Also, check out this quick video tour.


has launched a Book & Reading Engagement Kit: Home Edition to support e-learning and they have rolled out geo-authentication.

Do not have a library card? Apply for a temporary digital card.

FREE Wi-Fi is available on the parking lots at both branches. 

Sit under the pavilion at the Chrisney Branch or use the Dale Branch patio for your Wi-Fi needs.

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