To our Library patrons,


We cannot express enough gratitude to you for the way you have supported us over the last few months. Everyone has been so understanding of the new way we have been providing materials and services to our patrons. We hope we have been able

to meet your expectations.


With the “Stay at Home” orders being lifted and the ability of more and more businesses to resume operations, we have again reevaluated what is the best course of action we can take for the health and safety of our patrons and employees while trying to return to a more normal way of providing services.


To practice social distancing, we are going to limit the number of patrons in the library at any one time. The library’s hours

may look a little different as we will be closing at 6:00 p.m. every day. Saturday hours will remain the same.


What you need to know:

We will be using a Red Light, Green Light system to let you know if we are at our full capacity in the library. Green means

it is okay to come in and we look forward to seeing you. Red means we are at full capacity and we would appreciate it if you wait until the light turns green before entering. We, of course, are limiting the number of patrons for the health of our employees and patrons.


In addition, please try to remain 6 feet away between you, other patrons and library employees where possible. Also, please pay attention to the traffic flow markers in the building.


Per Governor Holcomb’s order, we are requiring all patrons to wear a face mask before entering the library. You will not be able to access the computer lab without one. We will have some masks available at the front desk if you have accidentally forgotten yours.

All library staff is required to wear a mask and we ask that you do your part to help keep each other healthy and safe.


We will also be offering special visiting hours dedicated for seniors and other patrons at higher risk for the coronavirus, including pregnant women and those with compromised immune systems from 9:00-10:00 a.m. We are simply asking that everyone

do their best to respect this designated time for those who are considered high risk.


Our reopening philosophy is “Grab and Go” as we would like to keep the number of patrons in the building at one time to a minimum to prevent the spread of germs and to continue social distancing. The use of tables and chairs will be unavailable at this time along with magazines and newspapers.


Computer use will continue to be made by appointment only. There will only be two computers available for a 1-hour session.

No more than one person per computer will be allowed. Masks must be worn.


As of July 27th, we will be charging for all copy, fax, printing, and laminating fees. The color photo printer is currently unavailable.


All programs and meeting rooms are suspended until further notice.


Thank you again for your patience, understanding and continued support as we try to return to a more normal way of conducting

our library services. 


Rae Ann Kippenbrock, Library Director