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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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indiana share

The Indiana Share program allows a large variety of libraries from around the state to request interlibrary loan materials through the Indiana State Library using ILLiad software. State Library staff submit the interlibrary loan requests on behalf of the requesting libraries.

Lending libraries that accept the requests ship the materials to requesting libraries via InfoExpress or library-rate postage.

A.  All item requests the library cannot fill through its collection and/or other Evergreen Consortium libraries may be sent through the library’s Interlibrary loan process/network. Items requested through this process cannot have been published within the last six (6) months.

B.  The Lincoln Heritage Public Library will Interlibrary Loan any circulating materials to other libraries within the continental United States.  Postage will be charged for any items going to or coming from any state other than Indiana. The fees will be charged to their library card and paid upon checkout.

C. Interlibrary loan is available for book discussions. The library will interlibrary loan a maximum of ten (10) copies. The rules and fees for interlibrary loans apply. The library does not guarantee the availability of the title or when the materials will arrive from the loaning library.

D.  The fee for a never returned InterLibrary Loan item is the cost of the item and any processing fees determined by the lending library. It will be charged to the patron’s library card account.

E.  The fee for all requested InterLibrary Loan items faxed to the library is 50¢ per page.