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Monday, January 24, 2022

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Lincoln Heritage Public Library Fall/Winter Contests 

Both Branches: Dale & Chrisney: Winter Wonderland Treasure Hunt
Drop by either Branch of LHPL and pick up a treasure map. Follow the clues to find the treasure at the end. This contest is open for all ages. The adventure runs through December 30. One winner per location. Winners will be notified by January 2.

Both Branches: Dale & Chrisney: Guess the Candy Canes
Guess how many candy canes are in the jar, without going over! All ages can participate. One winner at each Branch. Contest continues until December 30. Winners will be notified by January 2.

Both Branches: Disguise the Gingerbread Man Contest
Disguise a Gingerbread Man! It's holiday time and cookies are trembling (especially the Gingerbread Man). Please disguise the Gingerbread man as your favorite book character so he doesn't get eaten this year. Return your disguised cookies as fast as you can!
It's a challenge! Open to everyone. Pick up your paper cutout now. Return it by December 30. Winners will be selected on Jan 2.