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Tuesday, March 21, 2023

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Office Equipment
Copy Machine
Copying machines are available for public use with Library Staff making the copies at the Circulation Desk. A fee will be charged. Both branches offer black & white as well as color copies. See our Fee Schedule.
Fax Machine
Patrons can fax during normal Library hours.  Library Staff will send the fax for the patron at the Circulation Desk.
1. Fax users are responsible for calling the Library to verify whether expected faxes have been received. Library staff members are not responsible for notifying fax users of incoming messages. If faxes are not picked up within seven (7) days will be deleted or destroyed. A fee will be charged.
2. All Fax messages will be kept confidential. However, a staff member may be required to read some of the material to determine the recipient of the fax.
The Laminator machine is available for the public.  Library Staff will laminate appropriate materials only. Twenty-four (24) hour notice is requested for all laminating. A fee will be charged. See our Fee Schedule.
Other equipment available for public use with in-house use only:
  1.  Paper Shredder
  2.  Overhead LCD Projector, wall screen & sound system (Dale)
  3.  Smart TV located in the meeting room (Dale)
  4.  Laptop
  5.  Portable PA (Dale)
  6.  Scanner 
  7.  DVD Player 
  8.  Phone Chargers
  9.  Microfilm machine (Dale)

 10.  Photo Printer (Dale)