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Monday, February 06, 2023

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Conduct on Library Property
A. Lost and Found
1. The Library is not responsible for loss, theft, or damage to patrons’ items.
2. Items found in the Library will be turned in and stored at the Circulation Desk. An attempt will be made to determine ownership of found items. Unclaimed items will be disposed of after thirty (30) days.
3. Personal books found at the library will be stored at the circulation desk. An attempt will be made to determine ownership. Unclaimed books will be considered donations to the library after thirty (30) days.

B. Disruptive Behavior
1. Behavior that disturbs other patrons will not be tolerated on Library property.
2. The Librarian in charge will give the patron a warning to remind him/her of appropriate Library behavior. If the person continues to display disruptive, destructive, and/or lewd behavior, he/she may be asked to leave the Library property immediately. The Library staff reserves the right to inform the police as needed.
3. Complete an Incident Report (available in the procedures and forms section of this manual) and submit it to the Director.

C. Food and Drink
Food is not allowed in the main part of the library, in the computer lab, or genealogy room. Food and drink are allowed in the Café area in the basement, across from the elevator, or outside on the patio or porch. Drinks are allowed as long as they are in a spill-proof container. Users are liable for any damage to library property and equipment caused by food and drink. We expect patrons to be responsible and adopt a “leave no trace” approach to their use of food in the library’s basement or on the property outside.

The “LEAVE NO TRACE” philosophy of outdoor ethics as applied to the library:
1. Plan and prepare: plan to eat your meals before you come to the library. If you do carry in snacks or drinks into the Café area, please avoid messy or greasy foods that may damage library materials and facilities as well as odorous and/or noisy foods that may be distracting to others. Bring drinks in covered containers and be careful to avoid spills.
2. Dispose of waste properly: Pack it in, pack it out: carry out any leftover food and non-disposable utensils or containers that you bring into the library’s Café area or outside. If you must dispose of beverages, pour the liquid into the toilet and flush it down the drain before throwing away the containers.
3. Leave what you find: Leave library resources, furnishings, and equipment in the same or better condition as you found them. Report accidental spills to the library staff as soon as possible and clean up after yourself.
4. Be considerate of others: respect your fellow library patrons and the next generation of library patrons.

D. Shirts and Shoes
Shirts and shoes are required. Patrons without shirts or shoes may be asked to leave the Library.

E. Tobacco and Electronic Cigarettes, Illegal Drugs and Alcohol
Use of any tobacco and electronic cigarettes, illegal drugs, and alcohol consumption is prohibited in the Library building and on the Library property.

F. Animals
Animals are not allowed in the Library building except service animals that are certified and animals for programs, where a Certificate of Insurance Liability has been provided.

G. Harassment of Patrons and Staff
1. The Library will not tolerate any forms of harassment. “Harassment” is defined as “conduct directed toward a victim that includes but is not limited to repeated or continuing impermissible contact that would cause a reasonable person to suffer emotional distress and that causes the victim to suffer emotional distress. Harassment does not include statutorily or constitutionally protected activity, such as lawful picketing under labor disputes or lawful employer-related activities under labor disputes.” IC 35-45-10-2. “Impermissible contact” includes but is not limited to knowingly or intentionally following or pursuing the victim. IC 35-45-10-3.
2. Any form of bullying, intimidation, or monopoly of time is considered harassment by patrons and/or staff.
3. All incidents of harassment should be immediately reported to the librarian in charge for resolution and police involvement as needed.
4. Any incident of harassment, the patron may be barred from the library, and/or criminal charges may be brought against the patron.
5. Complete an Incident Report (available in the procedures and forms section of this manual) and submit it to the Director.

H. Use of Library Grounds
1. Any use of Library grounds must be approved by the Library Director.
2. Any unapproved use of Library grounds is prohibited and is considered trespass. Unapproved use includes, but is not limited to: skating, rollerblading, and skateboarding in the parking lot, on sidewalks, ramps, and steps; bicycling in the parking lot other than to place the bicycle in the appropriately provided bike rack or to travel directly to the ball diamonds; the practice of any type of sport; and illegal activities.
3. The Library is not responsible for any injury or damage incurred during unapproved use of Library grounds.
4. After-hours and overnight parking are not allowed, except by special arrangements or to attend a function at the Dale Community Center or the community ball diamonds.

I. Accidents and Emergencies
1. The library Director and Board make every effort to maintain the facility and grounds of the Lincoln Heritage Public Library.
2. In the event of an accident, including personal medical emergencies, an Accident Report (available in the procedures and forms section of this manual) must be completed and submitted to the Library Director.
3. In the event of national security issues, the Library Board of Trustees has emergency policies in place for the protection of library patrons, library staff, and the building. (see Disaster Preparedness Procedures in this part of the manual)

J. Unattended Children
Children under the age of eight (8) may not be left unattended in the library at any time, including during programs, except for selected programs with parental consent.
Children between the ages of eight (8) and thirteen (13) may use the library without the parent being within talking distance of the child, but the parent must remain in the building.
Children may not be left in the care of another child under the age of thirteen (13). If children are left unattended, a staff member will contact the parent/guardian and the police, if necessary. The Library does not in any way assume the care of, custodian of, or control of children.

K. Child Left in the Library at Closing
If a child is still in the library at a closing time unattended by a parent or guardian, a staff member should attain a phone number and call for the child to be picked up. Two staff members should wait with the child. At no time should one staff member be alone with the child. If a child is not picked up within 20 minutes after the library has closed, staff shall call the police department and have the police take over responsibility for the child.

L. Cell phones
Cell Phones may be used in the Library. Ringing should be set at a low volume and conversations should be held away from others to minimize disruption to others using the Library. Patrons may be asked to move to a designated area to continue their conversation.

M. Abuse
If a staff member observes or suspects abusive, threatening, or harmful behavior towards a child or another person the staff member in charge is empowered to intervene in the situation up to and including contacting the police. Complete an incident report (available in the procedures and forms section of this manual) and submit it to the Director.

N. Bodily fluids
A patron will be asked to leave the Library if bodily fluids and/or wastes are on their person and/or clothes. Bodily fluids and wastes are considered a bio-hazard and the Library cannot allow exposure to others by the patron's contact with anything in the Library. If the patron or caregiver does not comply, further action may be taken if deemed necessary. Complete an Incident Report (available in the procedures and forms section of this manual) and submit it to the Director.

O. Solicitation, Distributing Material, Canvassing, Performing or Speaking on Library Property
The library recognizes and supports the public’s rights to free speech which includes presenting speeches, distributing petitions or other information, and advocating views or positions. However, the Library also must provide library services to the public in an environment where access and privacy are maintained and where safe and unobstructed access to Library property is provided. Therefore, the Library has established this policy to allow free speech while ensuring that the rights of others to use Library facilities and grounds are not impeded.
A.  Persons wishing to solicit, distribute material, canvass, perform or speak on Library property must obtain permission in advance from the Director.
B. The library designates an area in the grass between the Library and the Dale Community Center to speak, canvass, perform, solicit or distribute safe materials and ensures that library users will have unobstructed access to the Library.
C. The conduct of persons speaking, canvassing, performing, soliciting, or distributing information on library grounds must comply with library policies and federal, state, and local laws, ordinances, and statutes.
D. Soliciting, distributing materials, canvassing, performing, or speaking may be done only during the operating hours of the library.
E. In the Library’s aesthetic interest to maintain the premises free of debris and clutter, materials including, but not limited to posters, flyers, placards, brochures, banners, or signs of any type may not be left unattended on the library grounds. IF YOU BRING IT, TAKE IT WHEN YOU LEAVE. If this policy is not observed, further approval to solicit, distribute materials, canvass, perform, or speak may be denied by the Library Director.