1. Library cards are free to residents and real property taxpayers of the Library taxing districts of Carter, Clay, Grass, Huff, Harrison, and Jackson Townships.


  1. Registration for a Library card may be completed in person at the Library in Dale or Chrisney.  Proof of residency, such as driver’s license, utility bill, any mail received by patron or checkbook, with name and current street address must be presented at the Circulation Desk to obtain a Library card. Property owners in the above Townships, who reside elsewhere, must provide proof of local ownership by showing a local property tax bill. Anyone holding an Evergreen Consortium Library Card from another Evergreen Library may use that card to check out materials. This eligibility does not extend to other family members.


  1. All cardholders must present their proof of residency, such as driver’s license, current utility bill, any mail received by patron or checkbook, with name and street address or proof of local ownership to renew their library card. Service will be denied after one (1) notification if card is not updated. Library cards will be updated according to the following schedule:


Residents: Every two (2) years

Unserved Residents: Annually, or at the discretion of the director semi-annually or quarterly

Teachers and Students: Annually

PLAC: One year from date of purchase of PLAC card

Reciprocal Borrowers: Annually


  1. An Unserved Resident Library card may be purchased by those living in an untaxed for library service area by paying the established fee which is set and reviewed by the Library Board annually. This fee is non-refundable and may be paid annually. Individual Library cards are issued to all persons residing at the address for one fee.


  1. Teachers serving preschool through grade 12 in North Spencer County School Corporation, private or parochial schools in the Lincoln Heritage Public Library District are eligible for a free library card. Proof of school employment such as a school ID or check stub must be presented at the Circulation Desk to obtain a library card. The library card is subject to annual renewal. Teacher does not include teacher’s aides, classroom volunteers or any other support staff.


  1. Children in Kindergarten or 5 years old may be issued a library card. A parent or guardian must be present to give consent when issuing a library card to children under 18. A parent or guardian may elect to restrict borrowing privileges from the Internet.


  1. All cardholders and parent/guardian of minor cardholders assume full responsibility for materials borrowed.


  1. Parents/Guardians may associate their child’s card to their account for informational purposes only. The Parent/Guardian may be blocked if the child’s account is blocked. Patrons with an adult status may be associated with another adult account living at the same address and with permission. Other adult connections will be allowed with Director’s permission.


  1. The Library card is the responsibility of the individual (or parent for children under 18). A lost card should be reported to the Library immediately. The card may need to be replaced and a fee may be assessed.



  1. The library card, identification, such as a driver’s license or another type of picture ID, must be presented to borrow materials. Patrons are responsible for the prompt return of loaned materials and the payment of outstanding fines. Library cardholders owing over $10.00 in fines and/or fees after one (1) notification will be required to pay a portion of the fines and/or fees to be below $10.00 before receiving borrowing privileges and/or computer access. Failure to comply with this policy may result in denial of library borrowing privileges and/or computer access.


  1. Public Library Access Card (PLAC) cardholders have full privileges. Presentation of PLAC and identification with name and current street address must be presented at the Circulation Desk to obtain a library card. IC 4-23-7.1-5.1


  1. Reciprocal Borrowers may receive a Lincoln Heritage Public Library card according to the agreement(s) made by and with the Lincoln Heritage Public Library Board of Trustees. Proof of residency, such as driver’s license, utility bill, any mail received by patron or checkbook, with name and current street address must be presented at the Circulation Desk.


N: Children in foster care will also be able to receive a library card with the following conditions on place:

  • Youth under 18 years of age must have a foster parent present to sign the library card application. Foster parents MUST provide county documentation certifying their authorized responsibility as foster parent.

  • Foster parents are responsible for children’s fines and lost materials charges.

  • Library cards for foster youth will have all the privileges of regular card holders

  • Foster parents will notify the library when/if the child moves to another foster home so the library can delete the account.


Loss of Privileges/Bad Debt

A patron’s access to materials may be limited due to overdue materials or fines and fees.  A patron’s card will be blocked, and no circulation services may be obtained with it if the patron has 15 or more overdue items, or owes $10.00 or more in unpaid fines and/or fees.  The number of overdue materials and/or amount of fines/fees that will result in a patron being “blocked” is calculated at the Evergreen Consortium level and not at the library level.  A patron’s card may be “blocked” if related group or family member cards are “blocked”.  A patron may also be “barred” if circumstances warrant.


Once the account has reached $50.00 in fines, damaged and lost items, the library will mail a notice of late fee to the individual in hopes to collect the fines. After two months of not receiving the fines the library will then turn over the patron’s name and copies of the fines to the Spencer County Small Claims Court and the patron will also be assessed the Court’s fee for filing the claim. A contract of agreement to pay off fines may be made with the patron per discretion of the library director


Loan Periods

A. Most materials are loaned for 21 days, with the following exceptions:

 Non-circulating – 0 days*  Reference materials    Newspapers    Current issues of magazines      Historical Vertical File


* Special permission to check out the above materials may be granted by the Director or a designated staff member on a case by case basis.

 3 days     7 days   DVDs    Blu-Rays  In-House Use Only


B. The loan periods outlined above may be extended for the Homebound Service program.


C. Extended loan periods may be granted at time of check out, except for materials with reserves and interlibrary loans. Denial may be based on demand such as a holiday or single subject collection availability.



Most materials may be renewed two (2) times except for materials with reserves,

interlibrary loans,


Fines for Materials

A. The overdue fine for most materials is 25¢ per day per.

B. The maximum fine for any returned materials will be $10.00.

C. There are no overdue fines assessed on emergency closings or scheduled closed days.

D. Overdue fines will accrue from the due date.

E. Homebound Service materials will not accrue overdue fines.